Rod Ellis serves as the Assistant Vice President of IT Costing in GTS, responsible for managing/modeling application development and infrastructure operations, budgets, and forecast into the business impact of MetLife’s Strategy.  Rod also serves as a leader in MVET, an Executive Sponsor for BPN.

He joined the US Army at 17 years old, and deployed to combat operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Egypt, Lebanon, Mexico, and Canada serving in various roles during his military career to include 3 years as a Drill Sergeant at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  He continued to work for JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) as a civilian while completing his undergrad, MBA from Liberty University and Six Sigma certifications.  Rod has served in various Leadership roles at AT&T and Sears Home Service Division prior to coming to MetLife. 

Rod Ellis, U.S. Army Veteran

What is  your military affiliation? 

US Army Veteran!

What is your current role? 

Assistant Vice President of IT Costing for MetLife.

What was the most challenging aspect of your career search as a Transitioning Service Member: 

The most challenging aspect of my transition and career search was calibrating my experience to a role and appropriate grade/pay of civilian jobs.  It took me a few years to fully understand how to value myself as a talent in the civilian sector.

What advice would you give your fellow Transitioning Service Members?

Learn the value of your experience through networks and advocates who can teach you what your experience/level of leadership should correlate too.  Also do not be afraid to take roles purely for experience if you can afford too, the benefits in the long run are greater than the challenges in the short.


“Find something you love that suits who you are as a person, opposed to finding a job. The saying is very true if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!”