If you’ve attended an NC4ME Forum or Summit in the past, you’ve likely heard us talk about the importance of having a military-specific careers page. But what exactly is a military-specific careers page and where do you start?

We’ve partnered with Palo Alto for an inside look at their military recruiting landing page and their tips on how to start one for your organization.

What is a “Landing Page”?

A landing page is a single, static page on a website.

Why are landing pages important for recruiting military candidates? You want to SHOW high-performing military candidates that you want to hire them! Actions speak louder than words, right? Right. You can tell Veterans and Military Spouses how your company values them and wants to hire them- but where’s the proof?! On your Veteran landing page!

Having a Military Recruiting Landing Page is a great place to showcase your military hiring initiatives. Make sure your page appeals to all military affiliated groups- Veterans, Transitioning Service Members, Guard/Reserve Members, and Military Spouses. 

Some items you can showcase on your military recruiting page are:

  • Photos of Veterans and Military Spouses in your company
  • Statistics on your military hiring initiatives
  • A quote or testimonial from a Service Member or Spouse on your team
  • A Veteran/Spouse specific video for your company if you have one
  • What led to a military specific recruiting page? We had so much information and accolades that we needed to share with the greater veteran community regarding our programs, awards (Military Friendly Employer multiple years over), and culture supportive of military employees and their families.
    What benefits have you seen from your landing page? We have continued to rank high in our benchmarks regarding veterans, as well as it gives veterans/veteran spouse candidates a place to learn about Palo Alto Networks and a glimpse into what they might experience if they came to work for our company.
    Currently employee makeup: ~4.5% of our overall population are veterans. Over 80% of Palo Alto Network employees (who are Veterans) participate in our VetsNet employee network group for greater engagement. Our company was founded by military veterans so veterans are at the core of our culture.

What makes Palo Alto’s Veteran Page GREAT:

  • It’s easy to find and visible from the main “Careers” page.
  • They use relevant images- proper and up to date uniforms.
  • Relates the company mission to military experience and soft skills
  • They showcase a video specific to military hiring
  • The page discusses education opportunities for Veterans within in the organization
  • Displays trusted awards and partners- This helps with credibility!