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Every year 20,000 service members will transition out of the military through NC’s DoD installations, adding strength to the 778,000 veterans already living in North Carolina. North Carolina’s businesses strive to support these veterans and service members by leveraging their skills to fill critical talent requirements, but often lack the resources needed to identify and hire qualified military candidates.


North Carolina for Military Employment (NC4ME) is a comprehensive public-private partnership designed to make NC the number one state for military employment. Established by the Governor in 2015, NC4ME leverages existing workforce development resources and technology to implement an employer-centric strategy that:

  • Learn Why: Educates strategic business leaders on the value of hiring a military workforce
  • Learn How: Provide accredited human resource training on how to recruit, select, and retain high performing military talent
  • Connects employers with high performing military talent to drive business results.

By centering its focus on the “demand side” of the employment equation, NC4ME serves as a perfect complement to the vast number of programs currently preparing veterans for civilian employment and gives a much needed boost to military job seekers in North Carolina. More than just the “right thing” to do, hiring veterans drives business results for North Carolina’s employers and economic growth for our state. Please join us as we help NC businesses to better utilize the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our veterans and service members. Together we will make North Carolina the #1 state for military employment.


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Every one of our team members is passionate and dedicated to serving Veterans, Transitioning Service Members, Guard/Reserve members, and Military Spouses.

Kimberly Williams

Founder & CEO

Dave Rakes

Director of Veteran Employment


Director of Employer Engagement


Director of Programs and Outreach

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